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    We’re not talking about “special gifts” or patronizing “good on you for trying”s

     we’re talking about real-life, concrete, everyday strengths that are not only awesome,

     but sometimes downright intimidating!

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    About Jolene 

    Jolene Stockman is a multi-award winning New Zealand writer, author, and tangata whaitakiwātanga (an autistic person). She shares her lived experience, and surprises and inspires with her view on autism, and the world. 

    Jolene's presentation at the 2nd European Autism Congress (Budapest, February 2020) explores what life will be like when autistics rule the world. This is the accompanying resource "The Autism Advantage."

    The Autism Advantage [Reasons You Want Your Kid to Be Autistic]

    Ed Asner said, “If Autistics ruled the world it would be kinder.” Jolene explores how Autistics, with their intense sensitivities and different ways of processing the world, are key to changing the way people will create, communicate, and function in 2020 and beyond.

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